It’s Raining, Now What?

Spring is seemingly defined by rain. Add some wind to the mix, and it can be hard to want to spend time outside. Here are a few ideas to get you and your child out in the weather, even if only for a few minutes to experience all that nature has to give.

1.Cold and wet weather deserves appropriate gear. Have the sort of coat and waterproof boots suited to your climate. In warmer places, you only need enough to deflect the water, but if it’s colder, lined boots and an underlayer of wool will make the misty, moisty weather more enjoyable for everyone

2.If it’s a warm rain, let your kids be in bathing suits or in the buff. They will love standing under the dripping eaves and dancing in puddles, and the clean up is super easy.

3.Add an umbrella. If you’re taking a walk, an umbrella can be a fun accouterment for a child and it can make a huge difference in adult comfort. An umbrella alleviates the drenching a raincoat can have on pants legs. It also means you don’t have to have a hood pulled over your ears, making it easier to supervise your little ones.

4.Experience the joy of water. It may sound silly or too simple, but try to engage with how remarkable a soaking rain really is. You can dig even tiny trenches in the yard to watch the water move around. You can add some paper boats to better see the flow. You can simply stand still and savor the smells and feelings the rain can bring.

5.Plan a few projects for rainy days. A forbidding storm is a great time to sit inside and oil boats, polish blocks, dust books or bathe dolls. When the storm passes, you can feel like more than just the yard is fresh and clean.

6.Play a special game or craft. On dark days, once everyone has had all the outdoor fun they want, settling around the table with a warm cup of tea or maple milk to a shared activity can feel especially cozy.

7.And of course, read a good book. Favorite picture books or story collections can be brought out to revisit old “friends” while you wait for a sunnier day.

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