Embracing Rainy Days in Summer

🌧️ Embracing Rainy Days in Summer: A Waldorf-inspired Journey of Play and Wonder 🌧️ In the enchanting realm of childhood, where imagination flourishes and curiosity knows no bounds, rainy days bestow upon us a canvas of endless possibilities. As we...

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Books to Spark the Imagination

Imagine yourself and your child standing in the library. Or if you’re like me, imagine following your almost running child around and around the library. You have this idea that you can find a perfect selection of books if you...

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What Do You Do With…Three Picture Books for Big Concepts

We want to do so much to help our children, but life teaches us that their greatest gifts may be the intangible tools they carry inside themselves. Watching them, we see that some are born with a fully-stocked “toolchest” that...

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