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Cloppity horseshoes, try to wear one.
Cloppity horseshoes, try to wear one.
Cloppity horseshoes, try to wear one.

Cloppity horseshoes, try to wear one.

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These walking blocks have an added element of fun. Real horseshoes make authentic cloppity-clop sounds! These are great for all sorts of horse play. Your child can be their own horse as they gallop around your patio or driveway, then just drop the strings to dismount. You choose how long to tie the jute handles so sizing is flexible. Comes with a real hoof pick with a brush, so when it's time to come home after a day on the trail, you can clean your Cloppity Horseshoes, so they're ready for tomorrow.

Introducing the amazing Shaddy Hooves - the ultimate toy for adventurous kids! Your child will embark on exciting pretend-play adventures as they transform into a majestic horse with these magical stilts.

Designed with real horseshoes on the underside, the Shaddy Hooves create authentic hoof marks on soft ground, making every step feel like a real horse's gallop. On hard surfaces, they produce the delightful sound of hoofs clattering, adding to the immersive experience. After all the fun, your child can use the included scraper to clean the Shaddy Hooves, just like caring for a real horse!

The Shaddy Hooves are not just about play; they are a wonderful tool to promote balance, coordination, and outdoor exercise. Your child will develop their motor skills while mastering the art of walking on stilts. With adjustable handle ropes, these wooden stilts can be customized to fit your child perfectly, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

Suitable for children over 4 years old, the Shaddy Hooves provide endless entertainment and encourage imaginative play. Whether they're galloping through meadows or trotting on the pavement, your child will feel the joy of being a magnificent horse, all while enjoying the benefits of outdoor play and exercise.

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