A Forest of trees
A Forest of trees
A Forest of trees

A Forest of trees

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A forest of trees

Create a beautiful woodland world of your own! These wooden tree blocks come in several shapes and sizes of trunk and foliage and varying shades of green to create a textured forest land- scape! Tallest tree is 5.5". Wooden forest is a toy inspired by fairy tales and our love of the forest. 

A forest is a soft mossy path, the dewdrops on oak trees, the sound of a woodpecker or a cuckoo bird. What do you hear? Maybe a squirrel running by, or a pinecone has fallen on the ground?

Just as a real forest awakens the imagination and draws a fairy tale creature in a simple mossy stump, so our forest set tunes a child to play and adds a little magic to ordinary game scenarios.

Toys with ready-made solutions are like a movie with a revealed ending. It is boring, uninteresting, and does not hook. If the solution is suggested for you, there is no value in it. Real value is in what you learn yourself.

size: Tallest tree 3 X 5.5 inches

made in Russia

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