Fantasy Creatures
Fantasy Creatures
Fantasy Creatures
Fantasy Creatures

Fantasy Creatures

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Get ready for a journey into the realm of legendary creatures with our Fantasy Puzzles collection! These magical puzzles are like a portal to different mythologies, where kids can meet mythical creatures from all over the world.

Imagine the adventures your little ones can have! These puzzles not only teach them about folklore and storytelling but also fire up their imagination. With mythical creatures like Pegasus, Dragon, and Sphinx, they can dream up their own epic tales and magical escapades.

But here's where the fun really starts - you can mix and match these puzzles to create entirely new creatures. It's like being a mythical creature inventor! With endless possibilities, the adventures never have to end. So, which legendary creature will your child discover today?
Measurement of box: 6.4x6.8x1.5

Made in Poland

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