Bajo Small Set of Memo Blocks
Bajo Small Set of Memo Blocks

Bajo Small Set of Memo Blocks

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Do you have what it takes to test your memory skills? With our engaging 16-block memo set, you can put your memory to the ultimate test. Its a challenge for early age- 2-3 years old. Here's how it works:

  1. Flip the Blocks: Begin by turning all the blocks upside down, hiding their colorful patterns.

  2. Match the Pairs: Take turns with a friend or family member. Each person selects a block, flips it over, and reveals its hidden design. The goal? To find its perfect match among the other blocks.

  3. Rack Up the Matches: Keep count of how many matching pairs you can uncover. Will your memory serve you well, or will you be stumped by the challenge?

It's a fun and exciting way to enhance memory, concentration, and cognitive skills while having a blast with friends and family. So, are you up for the memo set challenge? Let the matching games begin! 🧠🎲
Measurement: 6.8x6.4x1.5

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