Bajo Tipper Sorting Truck
Bajo Tipper Sorting Truck
Bajo Tipper Sorting Truck

Bajo Tipper Sorting Truck

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Tipper Shape Sorter – the ultimate brain-boosting, skill-sharpening, and imagination-igniting toy for your curious little ones! 🚚🧩

🔵 Shape Recognition: Get ready for some shape-matching excitement! Our shape sorter is here to turn your child into a shape recognition pro. Watch them conquer circles, squares, and triangles with glee as they slot them into their rightful places.

🖐️ Hand-Eye Harmony: This toy isn't just fun; it's a hands-on masterclass in hand-eye coordination. Your little conductor will learn to orchestrate their fingers like a maestro as they pluck shapes and guide them home.

🏋️‍♂️ Motor Skills: Precision is the name of the game here. The Tipper Shape Sorter hones those fine motor skills, making your child a pro at the delicate dance of picking up, placing, and perfectly fitting shapes.

🚛 Truckloads of Fun: But wait, there's more! Our toy isn't just about shapes; it's also a mini-truck ready for adventures. Watch your kiddo embark on epic journeys, delivering shapes to imaginary destinations, and weaving tales of daring trucking feats!

In a nutshell, the Bajo Tipper Shape Sorter isn't your average toy – it's a fun-packed, skill-boosting, imagination-sparking adventure waiting to happen. Get ready to tip the scales in favor of joyful learning and play! 🎉🚚

Shapes are Square, Circle, and Triangle

Recommended for 1 + year old
Measurement: 11.8x4.3x7

Made in Poland

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