Drewart Duck Push Toy
Drewart Duck Push Toy

Drewart Duck Push Toy

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The little duck with flip-flop legs from Drewart is absolutely adorable! Drewart is known for their high-quality and charming wooden toys, and this little duck is no exception.

With its flip-flop legs, the duck is designed to mimic the movement of a real duck waddling along. This interactive feature adds a playful and whimsical element to the toy, capturing the imagination of children as they watch the duck "walk" around.

Drewart toys are typically crafted with natural materials and a focus on sustainability, ensuring both the safety of children and the preservation of the environment. The attention to detail and quality in their products make them highly sought after by parents and collectors alike.

We strongly advise to not order by itself, but combine with oder toys-shape not usual for shipping 

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