Bajo Fraction Blocks for Easy Math
Bajo Fraction Blocks for Easy Math

Bajo Fraction Blocks for Easy Math

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Lets step into the captivating world of fractions with our vibrant and engaging fraction block set from Bajo! These colorful educational tools bridge the gap between abstract mathematical concepts and hands-on learning, making it easy for kids to understand and enjoy.

With 30 pieces at their fingertips, children can explore fractions in a tangible way. These blocks provide a visual and tactile representation of fractions, helping young learners grasp the fundamentals of math with ease. It's a fantastic way to turn math into a fun and interactive experience that encourages exploration and understanding.

So, make learning fractions a breeze with our captivating fraction block set. It's an excellent addition to any educational journey, offering a hands-on approach that transforms math into an exciting adventure!
(55 elements)
Measurement of box: 14.1x7.8x1.5

made in poland

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