Bajo Double Frog Pull Toy
Bajo Double Frog Pull Toy

Bajo Double Frog Pull Toy

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Hop-tastic frogs with their quirky wheel setup! These frogs are the ultimate party animals because they don't hop like your regular frogs - they're rebels in the frog world!

With their wheels placed all funky, they hop around , adding a big splash of excitement to their moves. It's like a froggy dance party you never saw coming!

To get these froggies groovin', just give their string a little tug. It's like being their froggy coach with reins, making them hop around in the funniest way possible. It's a wild workout for your imagination!

And here's the best part - as your little ones play with these frogs, they're not just having a blast; they're also learning about the animal kingdom. It's like a crash course in animal behavior, and who knows, your kids might just start hopping around like frogs too! Hop to it and join the froggy fun!
Measurement: 4.7x3.5x3.9

Made in Poland


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