Wooden Jungle Puzzle
Wooden Jungle Puzzle
Wooden Jungle Puzzle

Wooden Jungle Puzzle

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This gorgeous jungle puzzle will be a challenge for any child. Has 11 double sided pieces. This complex wooden puzzle will keep your children busy, wondering which piece goes where as they manage to paint the picture given to them. Each puzzle, when flipped over, is in the shape of an animal that comes from the jungle. 
ize of the figures:
Elephant: 14 cm x 10,6 cm x 1,8 cm
Gorilla: 9,4 cm x 10 cm x 1,8 cm
Zebra: 10,2 cm x 11,6 cm x 1,8 cm
Lion: 11 cm x 8,5 cm x 1,8 cm
Tiger: 12,5 cm x 8 cm x 1,8 cm
Rhinoceros: 14,5 cm x 7,6 cm x 1,8 cm
Snake: 14 cm x 14,6 cm x 1,3 cm
Giraffe: 9,4 cm x 19 cm x 1,3 cm
Crocodile: 17 cm x 5 cm x 1,8 cm
Tucan: 6,6 cm x 5,7 cm x 1,3 cm
Monkey: 7 cm x 6 cm x 1,3 cm
Measurement of box: 8.6x8.5x1.7

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