Seagull Mobile and decoration
Seagull Mobile and decoration

Seagull Mobile and decoration

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Meet our delightful seagull – the ultimate toy for young adventurers! Did it make a grand entrance from the distant shores? When you gently pull it down, watch in wonder as the seagull springs to life, mimicking the graceful flight of its real-life counterpart.

But there's more to this charming seagull than meets the eye. Its smooth and tranquil movement isn't just mesmerizing; it's a powerful tool for capturing the attention of young children and igniting their imagination. It's like the first chapter in a story waiting to be written by little ones.

As they interact with this playful seagull, children are embarking on a journey of creativity and exploration, setting the stage for a world of imaginative play. So, let your child's imagination take flight with our enchanting seagull toy, and watch as their adventures soar to new heights!
Size of the toy: 19.6x30.3x25.5
Size of box: 18.3x16.9x3

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