Bajo Amazing Multi Stacker
Bajo Amazing Multi Stacker
Bajo Amazing Multi Stacker

Bajo Amazing Multi Stacker

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Embark on a fascinating journey into the tradition of totem poles with our wooden stacking toy! Totem poles are more than just sculptures; they're stories carved into towering trees, adorned with symbols and intricate animal figures. Each totem pole is a treasure trove of meaning, from commemorating history to representing generosity, wealth, and offering a warm welcome.Totem itself is present in many cultures in Slavic Tribes in Europe, African, Native American and Aborigines.

But here's where the fun begins – this stacking toy isn't just a stacker. It can be configured in various formations, and each side of the blocks showcases different patterns. It's the perfect tool to introduce children to the diverse symbolism and significance of totem poles. As they stack and explore, they'll uncover the rich tapestry of stories that these remarkable structures tell.

So, dive into the world of totem poles with this educational and engaging toy that combines play and learning. It's a fantastic way to nurture a deeper understanding of cultural traditions and spark conversations about history, art, and the world around us.
Measurement: 4.3x4.3x11.4

Made in Poland

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