Beeswax Tapers - set of 2
Beeswax Tapers - set of 2
Beeswax Tapers - set of 2

Beeswax Tapers - set of 2

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With their captivating beauty and natural allure, the Beeswax Tapers Set of 2 is perfect for a variety of occasions. Enhance your dinner parties, intimate gatherings, or even your daily self-care rituals. Light them during moments of reflection, meditation, or simply to create a cozy and inviting ambiance.

These tapers are not just for special occasions; they're perfect for everyday adventures! Set the scene for a magical tea party with your favorite stuffed animals, create a cozy fort and tell stories by their flickering light, or even use them as a prop for your very own puppet show :)

Parents will love these tapers too because they're made from natural beeswax, which means they burn cleanly without any drips or mess. They're safe for kids and will bring a touch of nature's beauty to your home.
Measurement: 9x2x1
Made in USA

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