Erzi Wooden Corn on Cob

Erzi Wooden Corn on Cob

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Astonishingly realistic wooden ear of corn toy, crafted with precision by Erzi! Meticulously designed to capture the essence of its real-life counterpart, this remarkable creation features vivid yellow kernels, a finely textured surface, and meticulously detailed husks. So convincing is its appearance that you'll find yourself transported to thoughts of relishing a delicious summer treat or grilling it to perfection on a sun-kissed day!

Designed with children aged 3 and older in mind, this toy offers not only entertainment but also a gateway to boundless imagination. It's the perfect addition to playtime, encouraging kids to explore the world of make-believe while enjoying the beauty of nature's bounty in a fun and educational way. Get ready for a cornucopia of imaginative adventures with this incredible wooden ear of corn, expertly crafted by Erzi!

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