Wooden set of 3 donuts from Erzi food collection

Wooden set of 3 donuts from Erzi food collection

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Introducing a delightful set of three miniature doughnuts that look absolutely delicious! These doughnuts are perfect for children who love to imitate what adults do and engage in imaginative play.

Each doughnut in the set is intricately crafted to resemble its real counterpart, complete with enticing colors, realistic textures, and even adorable sprinkles on top. They are so lifelike that you'll almost believe they're ready to be eaten!

These miniature doughnuts are not just visually appealing; they are also a fantastic addition to playtime. Children can incorporate them into their house play, shop fun, or kitchen adventures. They can take on the roles of bakers, shopkeepers, or hungry customers, making their playtime all the more engaging and exciting.