Drewart Large Fastness

Drewart Large Fastness

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Kids will totally dig the freedom and versatility packed into this fortress! Mix and match the castle pieces however the heck you want every time you play. Pop those knights up on the battlements to defend against invaders, whether it's an army or a fire-breathing dragon! Climb those towers like you're on a mission and witness your brave knights going full-on medieval on each other. Get ready to dive headfirst into the medieval world with this badass solid wooden castle set. And check this out—fiddle with the dials on the main tower to slam down that drawbridge and portcullis with a satisfying 'clicking' sound.

This castle is ridiculously huge, giving kids the ultimate throne to rule their own kingdom of play. Suit up as a knight, king, queen, or heck, even a dragon! Let the imagination run wild with epic tales of heroes and battles.

Wanna take it to the next level? Throw in the Drewart prison set, crane set, large knights house, and tournament stands to build a medieval play empire. They all fit together like a puzzle, completing the ultimate castle experience.Crafted from top-notch alder wood, this bad boy keeps it real with its natural state and a touch of natural oils. Feel the texture and vibe of the wood while enjoying the striking natural roof that matches the castle's rugged look.

Time to unleash those storytelling skills as kids role-play their hearts out. This castle isn't just a toy; it's a legacy. Perfect for a Montessori setup, and recommended for little warriors aged 3 and up.

Size: 100 x 80 x 55cm (17.5kg)

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