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skipping rope

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Get ready for endless outdoor adventures and playful fun with the Mader Skipping Rope, specially crafted for children who love active play! This fantastic traditional toy is perfect for kids who want to stay active, learn new skills, and have a blast outside.

The Mader Skipping Rope features wooden handles painted in a vibrant and eye-catching design, with graduated green stripes that add a splash of color to playtime. The colorful ropes are braided and selected at random, adding an element of surprise and excitement for little ones.

Handcrafted with care from native European hardwood, each skipping rope is lovingly turned on a lathe and carefully hand-painted to ensure the highest quality. This attention to detail makes these skipping ropes not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting, ready to withstand hours of active play.

With a generous length of 2.4 meters, the braided rope provides ample space for children to master their skipping skills and challenge their coordination. Ideal for children up to 1.5 meters in height, these skipping ropes are designed to perfectly suit kids of various ages and sizes.

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